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NC high-risk health insurance pool enrollment opens

Posted in NC health insurance, Reform-in-progress by writemyline on 18 October 2008

The News & Observer reports that open enrollment for NC’s high-risk health insurance pool begins Monday, October 20. [See New state health plan opens Monday] Additionally, folks who are interested about the guaranteed coverage program can find detailed information at the INCLUSIVE HEALTH website.

Inclusive Health, also known as the North Carolina Health Insurance Risk Pool (NCHIRP), provides affordable, individual health insurance coverage for North Carolinians who do not have access to an employer health plan and face higher premiums due to a pre-existing medical condition.

Inclusive Health is scheduled to begin offering coverage on January 1, 2009. Established by the State Legislature, Inclusive Health is a non-profit entity. It is not part of the state government but operates under the supervision and control of its Board.  Its Executive Director is Michael Keough.  

Inclusive Health plans are available in three options with varying deductibles and benefits that include prescription drug coverage. These plans are outlined in a downloadable PDF at the Inclusive Health website along with enrollment applications and other information. There is also a rate calculator that determines the cost of premiums according to age and whether the applicant is a smoker or non-smoker.